Client feedback

“I’ve worked with a number of good editors but I can say, without reservation, that Imogen is one of the best. Her abilities go far beyond the technical aspects of editing; her main talent is the uncanny, intuitive ability to tune straight into the story, plot and characters and, most importantly, the voice of your work – she’s that rare thing: an editor that really ‘gets’ it. It’s this intuitive ability that sets her apart from other editors. Her notes are unfailingly constructive and always sensitive; it’s like flying a plane with the perfect co-pilot. Like most authors, I feel a slight sense of dread when it comes to the editing process. With Imogen, for the first time, I actually found myself looking forward to notes. Honestly, I’ve never found a recommendation easier to make and, given the choice, I’d put her name at the top of the list every time. Imogen makes editing a natural part of the writing process, rather than a teeth-grinding chore. If you want to get the best from your work, drop her a line.”

Andy Robb, author of Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind and Geekhood: Mission Impossible

“Having worked with Imogen on three separate occasions, I have been deeply impressed each time by her professionalism and the quality of her contributions. Combining a sharp eye for detail with a nuanced appreciation of theme and structure, she maintains a broad overview of the text while finding inconsistencies and errors on a sentence level; she brings these findings together in her notes, communicates them with clarity and precision, and always suggests a possible way to fix the problems she encounters. Her voracious and eclectic reading and her deep love of narrative inform her ability to guide and instruct. I cannot recommend Imogen more highly as an editorial consultant.”

Julia Gray (debut novel coming from Andersen Press in 2016)

“I’ve just finished a major rewrite based on your comments, and wanted to thank you, not only for all the work you put into it, but your insight and extremely helpful suggestions.

I now have alternating chapters between the two main protagonists and as you suggested, it has massively improved the narrative drive and pace of the piece. It meant re-ordering the sequence of events a little, dropping a couple of scenes and writing new ones, but I think these have also added to the story, as it gave me the opportunity to delve into my character’s motivations more.

…Thanks to your comments, it’s a very different book.”

Steve Hartley, author of Oliver Fibbs and Danny Baker, Record Breaker


“I’ve been incredibly lucky that both An Appetite for Violets and The Penny Heart were sent to Imogen and both novels benefited considerably from her help. She has always instinctively grasped what I’m aiming to achieve and her editorial skills are wonderful – from structural editing to improve narrative flow and pace, to picking up on anachronisms and infelicities. She produces lucid and thoughtful reports with a sensitive balance of encouragement and critique. I absolutely recommend her to anyone crafting a novel.”
Martine Bailey, author of An Appetite for Violets and The Penny Heart